Bob is an excellent real estate agent.  He goes above and beyond to assist you in finding your dream home.  I worked with Bob for over 2 1/2 years.  I was with another agent for 6 months before Bob, and Bob really showed me how real estate agents should help make your home search easier.  Bob was willing to answer all of my questions about my property search, and recommended a real estate attorney, home inspector, and mortgage broker.  We worked together for a long time and Bob never became discouraging or changed his mind about helping me.  He gave me suggestions on how I can expand my search and find more properties in my search area.  When my property selection changed, Bob helped me find a rental property.  He also helped when there were some discrepancies with the lease and lease addendum.  I was very confident in Bob's ability to handle any issues that arose during the rental application.  I appreciated not having to worry about my property search while I was at work or handling other business.  Bob really listened to what I was looking for.

Aisha J. 08/08/2013


Bob marketed the house correctly and unbelievably returned phone calls.  He was professional and upbeat.  He made what could have been miserable very pleasurable.

Sheila G. & Charlene G. 07/22/2013


I hired Bob Krawitz as a real estate agent to list my condominium on the market for rent and for sale. Bob conducted several open houses and showed the unit for prospective buyers and renters. When he found a suitable renter, he made sure that I was comfortable and satisfied with them before finalizing a lease agreement. Since I had moved out-of-state, the process required a lot of phone calls, emails/faxes, and patience. I had a great experience with Bob as my real estate agent! Being a long distance property owner, I needed a reliable agent that would be communicative without my face-to-face contact and make sure the property was in good shape for showings. Even though I have not met Bob in person, his professionalism and commitment to me as a client was very apparent throughout my dealings with him over the phone and through email. He was able to find me a tenant within a month and helped me to navigate the lease agreement process. Since I could not be there in person to meet the tenant, I had to rely on him to make sure the tenant passed credit and background checks and was someone who would treat my property well. Upon my request, he also took photos of the unit right before the tenant moved in for my records. This was my first time renting out a property so I had a lot of questions and trepidation. Bob was very understanding and I felt he went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with the tenant and happy with the overall outcome. Lastly, I should note that Bob handled the process personally the entire time, which made it run very smoothly, even without my being there. My case was never handed off to another agent or assistant in favor of something more "important". He was present at all showings and open houses and I always had a direct line to him for any questions that I had. I always felt that he was on top of the situation and that I was a priority. All in all, it was a pleasure doing business with Bob and I can easily recommend him to others.

Stephen S. 03/01/2012


Mr. Krawitz/RE/MAX sold a condominium I inherited in just 3 months! Before that I had unsuccessfully used 6 other realtors/real estate companies and had wasted 3-and-a-half-years! Anyone can put a listing on the computer, but Mr. Krawitz/RE/MAX held 4-hour Open Houses every weekend! He did attractive direct mail programs to appropriate markets. He did all the showings himself. He left no stone unturned to find possible buyers and other realtors who had possible buyers. By the time I made contact with Mr. Krawitz/RE/MAX I was distraught. I badly needed to sell this property, despite the poor real estate market, and no other realtor wanted to take the time needed/make the effort/do what was required. Mr. Krawitz/RE/MAX came in and assured me that he would, indeed, sell this property and he did so! And, whereas I thought it would take a year or more to do so, he did it in just 3 months! He did everything possible to sell it and he did it all himself. He also kept in touch with me every step of the way. The people who bought the condo came to an Open House. (All of the other realtors I had tried refused to hold Open Houses. They did not wish to be bothered on a weekend!). They saw it one day and "went to contract" the next. The Closing was just a few weeks later and Mr. Krawitz attended the Closing in my behalf (with my attorney). I had inherited the condo from my parents and it was just too painful for me to attend the Closing. Then, he brought me my check, after costs, from the sale. A stellar performance!

Jacqueline F.  04/01/2012


Bob served as a Buyer's Agent for us as we looked for a new home.  He sent emails every morning with new and/or updated listings that might interest us, and fielded phone calls and emails whenever we had questions.  He spent a lot of time with us touring homes and evaluating our various options, from move-in ready homes to fixer-uppers.  Once our offer was accepted on a house, Bob worked diligently to keep the paperwork process moving forward up to and including Closing.  He even continued to check in with us for a bit after we moved in to make sure we were still doing okay.  In sum, he did it all. We began working with Bob in the summer of 2011 on the recommendation of good friends who had found their home with him. We'd never purchased a home before and Bob was great about spending time with us up front to explain the process, to predict the emotional highs and lows that we could expect along the way, to clarify terminology unique to home-buying, and to learn what sorts of features were important for us to find.  He empowered us to ask as many questions as we had - both at the time and throughout the process - and we appreciated his patience as we did. Because of job changes, we put the home-buying on hold but came back to him the following summer and renewed the search. We were always very impressed with how methodical Bob was as we looked at each home.  From considering the info sheets to touring the actual houses, Bob made sure we noticed things (good, bad, neutral), offered advice on improvements/changes we might consider based on our tastes, and offered his assessment of the listed price versus home value.  He was always on time despite the unpredictable Chicago traffic and willing to spend as much time as we needed at each location looking around.  As the process moved forward, we ended up offering on 3 houses at different times and each time we got into a bidding war.  The waiting game that ensued was really stressful, but we greatly appreciated how Bob communicated with us frequently throughout the bidding process, even to let us know he had not yet heard anything.  He also kept us in check to not go beyond our financial comfort zone in order to simply "win".  That and everything else he did impress us in that his focus was always on us and our long term satisfaction with the purchase rather than on getting a quick deal done.  He often said that his goal was to get us into the home of our dreams and he worked hard to do just that. We could go on and on about all the things (both big and small) that Bob did to make our home purchase a success, but the bottom line is this:  when we had an offer accepted, and closed on our home in October 2012, we felt great about the purchase and hugely satisfied that we got a great deal on a great home.  There is no doubt that Bob went above and beyond to get us to that point and we are grateful for his many efforts on our behalf.  We've already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. I should also note that Bob was great with our kids (ages 8 and 5). Family is important to us and we appreciated how he treated our kids so nicely.  It's maybe a small thing to some but to us it was yet another impressive quality about Bob's overall work.

Joe and Renee E. 10/01/2012


Bob is an excellent person who is very polite, friendly and respectful. He not only helped me in buying a condo but also helped me rent this place. I have been associated with his services since 2005 and to this date he has been very helpful. The whole process of buying a condo went very smoothly. Bob must have showed me at least 50 – 60 condos. He has immense patience and is very punctual.

Sree M. 03/18/2013


Bob helped us purchase our first home. He served as our Real Estate Agent from June to September 2009, helping us through all aspects of our purchase. We were referred to Bob by several friends who had worked with him. We found him to be as absolutely wonderful as they had all told us. Starting in June Bob worked with us to identify homes within our price range and in the locations we were focused on and then went with us to see them. When we were discouraged he was encouraging and helped us rework our location preferences to include more options. He was always patient with us (even though we visited 40 houses before finding "the one" and even after we pulled out of one purchase after a bad inspection) and was unfailingly professional and extremely responsive. He negotiated on our behalf and got us what we thought was a very fair price for our home. We would not choose to work with anyone else in the real estate world after working with him.

Mike I. 06/20/2009


Bob helped us through every step of the home-buying process. As first-time home buyers, this was a scary time. Bob made everything much less scary but patiently walking us through over 10 homes before we found "the one," sending us at one point 20 viable options in our price range and making sure we closed on time. We really can't say enough about Bob. In all of the stress that the home buying process entailed, he was the one shining star. He was both a real estate agent and an educator. We would walk through homes and he would be careful to point out the good with the bad, enabling us to envision things that weren't yet there, and also making us aware of potential problems. He showed us what to look for in analyzing water heaters, air conditioners, etc., & he took the time to really walk us through the contract. He always brought detailed print outs of each property with him so we'd always have the information we needed But where he set himself even more apart was during the month of closing. When our mortgage broker dropped the ball (again and again), Bob made sure it got done. He stayed on top of the loan processing to ensure that we closed on time. That help was truly invaluable. He went above and beyond for us, and we look forward to using him the next time we are ready to buy and sell!

James & Colleen T. 03/13/2008